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About Us

Stusser Anchorage has been proudly supporting the State of Alaska since 1980

CED is one of the largest electrical solutions distributors and product suppliers in the Country, specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. By training and bringing in talented, energetic people, we’re able to bring industry professionals together and facilitate the best electrical solutions for our customers. Stusser Electric Co, a CED company, is committed to providing an environment for its employees that fosters stability and opportunities for growth. In this environment, our employees are empowered to excel in meeting both their internal and external customer expectations.

We’ve also partnered with some of the best manufacturers and agents in the electrical industry, aligning ourselves with the industry’s leading suppliers. We work diligently to keep pace with changes in business, power distribution, and lighting technologies.

Why we are different

Our humble beginnings shaped the company we’ve become. We started with two  locations in 1957, and we’ve worked hard to keep CED as local as possible. Now, with over 700 locations, CED has become one of the largest electrical distributors in the country, and Stusser Electric Co. is a vital element of our team.

That local touch is why we put power directly into the hands of managers at each of our locations across the country, giving them the chance to make decisions best aligned with their city, clientele and unique circumstances. Although each location operates like a small business, CED supports each of our locations with the resources, funding and tools to help them grow and excel in helping their local customers succeed. CED’s policy of “Service, Integrity, Reliability” is the driving force in every community served.


Customer service is given highest priority at each Stusser location. By combining an acute awareness of the local community's needs with the support of CED nationwide resources, Stusser Anchorage's customers are assured of a consistently high level of service.


CED recognizes that its long term success is built on integrity and responsibility to its customers. Stusser Anchorage strives to ensure maximum product availability, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing, utilizing the most efficient and cost-effective methods possible.


The products and services offered by Stusser Anchorage represent the top manufacturers in the industry, who stand by the performance of their products and are dedicated to providing innovations that meet the changing requirements of the industry.


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